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Bad Credit Mortgage & Refinance Help, Advice & Tips
Learn How To Easily Get A Home Loan With Poor Credit

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     This is a brand new and exciting offer for those with less-than-perfect credit seeking a new home mortgage or to refinance their existing home.  Peak Home Loans specializes in bad & poor credit mortgage refinancing and home purchases.  Since 2004 that's been our sole mission... getting approvals, great rates & favorable terms for those without perfect credit.  And we've finally put the final pieces of the puzzle in place for you.  That's right, we just assembled the most exciting state-of-the-art lending solution for residents and ithe entire United States.  This guarantees you the lowest rate and best terms regardless of your credit history.

     We are rated A+, "Highest", by the .  That means our network of lenders will provide a fair and fast, hassle-free mortgage with easy approval for those with all credit.  We guarantee great low rates, competitive closing costs, little or no fees, and very attractive terms.  Get the best deal you can, whether through us or somewhere else, but at least compare our offer.  We work around bad credit, poor credit, and no credit and persist in getting your loan through.  We get done what others cannot.  And "we beat bank rates...  every time".   Get Instant Online Quotes - Save Time & Money - You Have Nothing To Lose.  This Is A Free, No-Obligation Service.  We Promise to Make Your Next Mortgage "Easy".

bad credit mortgage advice and help

Bad Credit?  Imperfect Credit?  Poor Credit?  No Credit?

     Turn Your Not-So-Perfect Credit Into An Approval With Us.  We specialize in helping those with imperfect credit.  Do you have a bankruptcy or a foreclosure on your record?  Our mortgage specialists will do whatever it takes to get you the best interest rate, the lowest monthly payment, and the most cash if cash if you need cash now.  If you need to refinance, refinance after a bankruptcy, refinance with a foreclosure, get a mortgage, or to re-mortgage, Peak Home Loans will help.

How To Find A Bad Credit Mortgage Or Refinance With Bad Credit

Everyone gets approved - even with bad credit.

     Finding a bad credit home loan or a bad credit refinance may not be as hard as it seems.  You may be able to find bad credit refinancing, says  However, you may need to improve your credit score first by paying down your loan amounts, start paying your bills on time, and disputing obvious errors on your report.  The first thing to do is fix mistakes on your credit report by checking it and making sure it's accurate.  It is important to note that erroneous items on your report can stay there for ten years.   You must dispute these errors and have them removed immediately.  Write to the credit bureaus and they will attempt to delete them from your report by contacting the individual creditors.  If the creditor does not respond within thirty days, the item is deleted from your report.  In the meantime:

To Do's - Not To Do's | Bad Credit Refinance Advice

  • Do not try to close accounts to remove them from your file.
  • Do not open a lot of accounts over a short amount of time.
  • Do not shop for rates for an extended period of time.
  • Do not max-out your current credit cards.
  • Do not apply for new credit cards.
  • Do pay at least the minimum balance on time, every time.
  • Do reduce your balances on outstanding credit cards.

     There are several online resources you can use to get your credit score and accompanying report.  Click to get your FREE FICO Score From TransUnion, Equifax And Experian (Tri-Bureau)  You get your credit score for free and the ability to dispute any item on your report that is wrong.  Another option would to use our FREE Credit Repair Services, eliminate your current debt, and start over with a fresh new good credit score.  Do you need a Personal Loan For $35,000 With No Credit Check?  These are excellent ways to get immediate cash, and improve your credit score and get lower interest rates within 30 days.  This is also a great place to begin to forge your way ahead in your pursuit of bad credit refinancing, according to

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