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The Mortgage Toolbox Kit's a desktop application offering a comprehensive compilation of mortgage tools enabling you to make informed home loan decisions.

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To See The Mortgage Toolbox In Action - View Screen Shots Here!.

The Mortgage Toolbox Kit will calculate the following:

  • Monthly Mortgage Payment Estimates
  • A Detail Of Your Closing Costs
  • Third-Party Cost Estimates
  • Various Amortization Schedules
  • How Much Cash You Need To Close
  • Requirements For Pre-Qualification
  • Different Home Loan Scenario Outcomes
  • Mortgage Refinance Result Analysis
  • Estimate Your Savings Goals
  • Analyze Renting Versus Buying
  • Determine Proceeds From The Sale Of Your Home
  • And Much, Much More

You can download and print a Good Faith Estimate that details the typical costs for your locality, you can calculate different FHA and VA home loan scenarios, and then print out amortization schedules that are valid in all 50 states.

Download Real Estate Calculator Suite
6.52 MB - could take up to 1 minute.
Works with all Windows & Mac versions.

Helpful Mortgage Worksheets - You may print out all worksheets.

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Click Here To View The Federal Trade Commission's Official Mortgage Handbook - Free.  This pamphlet is extremely useful.

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