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VA Mortgage & Refinancing

What You Should Know About VA Home Mortgages And Refinancing

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Qualifying for a VA loan can be a great asset for a homeowner or prospective homeowner.  If you have served in the military, you can qualify for a Veteran's Administration loan for a home purchase or a mortgage refinance.  The best news is that you don't need "good" credit to qualify, and you will not need to put any money down.  Please read below to see if you qualify.  And if you do, thank you for serving.

Loans guaranteed by the Veterans Administration, or a VA loan, according to, are there to give veterans extra assistance in purchasing a home.  VA loans allows you to get a loan without a down payment, and they can be easier to qualify for than some traditional loan routes.  Another thing to remember, most people have better credit than they think, usually Fair Credit or better, keep this in mind while filling out our online form.   When contacted by us, kindly ask our loan professional any question you may have.  They will be more than happy to assist you in finding the best loan, either a conventional or a VA refinance, for your particular circumstance.   Remember, all loans don't fit all people;   if you need a mortgage loan, we'll find the right one for you.

Because of that, it's important to know if you qualify for one or not.  Many people who can pursue a VA loan or VA refinance are not aware that they qualify.  Here is a breakdown to see if you may qualify:  If you served 90 days or more active duty during wartime, you qualify.  If you served 181 or more consecutive days on active duty during peacetime, you qualify.

In both instances, a dishonorable discharge removes your qualification but any other discharge status does not apply.

And, in both instances, if a veteran gets hurt before the minimum time served, they would still qualify for a VA loan.

The following times of service during wartime qualify a veteran for a VA loan:  during World War II from September 16th, 1940 to July 25th, 1947 - during the Korean War from June 27th, 1950 to January 1st, 1955 - during the Vietnam War from August 5th, 1964 to May 7th, 1975 - during the Persian Gulf War from August 2nd, 1990 to date.

The following times of service during peacetime qualify a veteran for a VA loan:  after World War II from July 26th, 1947 to June 26th, 1950 - after the Korean War from February 1st, 1955 to August 4th, 1964 - after the Vietnam War from May 8th, 1975 to August 1st, 1990.

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The surviving spouse of a veteran who died or became disable during active duty is eligible for a VA loan, but their children are not.  VA loans are made by private banks, according to;  however, the federal government, through the VA, guarantees the loans against foreclosure.   The banks have no risk.  Additionally, the banks can allow for no down payment and bypass other requirements that regular individuals must meet.   And, yes, veteran's can get a VA loan even if they have been foreclosed upon in the past.

Peak Home Loans can help you find the right type of loan for you.  Just because you qualify for a VA loan or a VA refinance, that does mean it's the thing for you to do.  If you want to live in your home a long time, you may prefer a fixed rate fifteen or thirty year loan.   Or take an adjustable rate, and then refinance in a few years if you are not sure how long you will be in a home.  In any case, Peak Home Loans can help.

Mortgage Refinance @ 4.50% - 100k is $506/mo.

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